Established in 2011, Noah Heller of Cincinnati, Ohio invested close to a million dollars designing, manufacturing and marketing an upscale men’s casual clothing line.  RISE was originally inspired by the game of poker and its players.  At first,  it may not appear obvious that the collection had anything to do with poker. And that’s a good thing. Common poker references like spades, cards and chips are noticeably absent from the clothing.   Heller’s intention was to develop a poker clothing brand to capitalize on the growing online poker consumer phase.  This limited focus on poker proved difficult to penetrate. Eventually, Heller decided to redirect his interest and sold the brand assets to Ian Edwards.


In December 2012, Ian Edwards and Monika Rathnayake entered into a partnership agreement to expand RISE marketing apparel through ecommerce, retail stores and boutiques. Eventually, Edwards and Rathnayake would re-brand RISE to a modern urban-lifestyle appeal.  The duo invested capital to re-design the website and eliminate the poker focus. The company hosted various events, some including the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals, to broaden its brand presence. 

After a few years, Edwards and Rathnayake opted to dedicate their efforts on other investment opportunities.  Edwards and Rathnayake still desired to advance the "RISE" dream and on October 21, 2014 they entered into conversations with Nediam Capital to take the dream to the next level.


In early 2012, miles away in Dallas, identical twin brothers, Terrance and Tim Maiden, began strategizing a plan to launch an inspirational movement called iRISE. The vision for iRISE was to inspire individuals through the use of authentic stories and motivational films that offered hope to the hopeless and inspiration to the unfulfilled.  These films would capture stories of people who persevered against all odds to RISE above their circumstance in the face of pain and hardship.

Fueled with momentum, the Maiden brothers contacted RISE Clothing to acquire the company.  Maiden brothers, Edwards, and Rathnayake would began negotiations that would later result in the acquisition and relocation of RISE Clothing Company to Dallas, TX.  Since, RISE Clothing Co. has repurposed its brand appeal to millennials and the fitness community.  The heartbeat of RISE is driven by a passion to deliver a fashionable product that is well-crafted and comfortable, and inspire others to RISE higher.