Over the past decade, the executive team at RISE Clothing Co. has inspired over 7,000 students, touched over 15,000 lives, and given $350,000 towards impactful community projects.

Through the use of inspirational films and authentic stories, RISE FILMS provide individuals with insight and the encouragement to confront life's struggles. These films capture stories of people who persevered against all odds to RISE above their circumstance in the face of pain and hardship.  To offer hope to the hopeless and inspiration to the unfulfilled.

Through the use of billboards, marketing on transit systems, social media posts, and working with area schools across the country, we will reach our targeted population.   Our hope is to uplift the next generation with a message of purpose, passion and possibility.  

Each purchase enables RISE Clothing Co to continue producing commercials to be aired on media and social outlets.  To go where the people are.  This initiative that will move people from being to doing.   "JOIN US"!!!