PRESS RELEASE - April 18, 2016

RISE Clothing Co. - The heartbeat of RISE Clothing Co is driven by a passion to deliver a fashionable product that is well created and comfortable, while leveraging its brand as a platform to address global poverty and promote positive change within local communities. A percentage of each of sales of RISE Clothing apparel and gear will be donated to organizations committed to serving on the mission field of local and global poverty.  

According to U.S Census Bureau, Dallas, TX ranks 4th amongst cities for the highest rate of poverty.   Additionally, 38% of children in Dallas live in poverty, the highest percentage in the U. S amongst cities of a million or more residents.   RISE Clothing Co is committed to the increase awareness of poverty while leveraging its platform to address this local crisis through various initiatives and projects.   

Join RISE Clothing Co. on May 14, 2016, as it debuts the newest trends in athleisure fashion and honors local organizations and indvidiauls dedicated to addressing the poverty crisis in Dallas.  


EVENT DETAILS:   May 14, 2016 |   Aloft Hotel Downtown

Cocktail Reception 6:45PM   |  Event Kickoff 7:30PM

Visit www.riseagainstpoverty.com for sponsorship and tickets information.  

PRESS RELEASE -  September 1, 2015

RISE Clothing Company specializes in delivering a fashionable athleisure collection, centered around a meaningful message. Athleisure is a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for athletic workouts at a gymnasium, sometimes termed activewear, is worn outside of the gym to go to the office or shopping or other social occasions.

In August of 2015, RISE unveiled recent updates to out existing website that features several new products along with your classic favorites that are all available in a convenient online shopping format. The new shopping site is easy to use and allows customers to have all their athletic wear delivered right to their door for the next workout. Explore a variety of products and learn how RISE can benefit you on the journey to the top.

PRESS RELEASE - August 21, 2015

When you hear words like comfort fitness wear you may wonder how one can be summer sexy, working out, and comfortable in clothing at the gym or at the beach. There is no need to continue to wonder. The question is answered with the classic fitness apparel line called RISE Clothing.

The gym and work out training facilities have become America’s new social environment. In this environment individuals want to feel comfort, confident, and empowered in the gym and outside.

Individuals at all levels have been inspired by RISE Clothing to support their confidence, performance, and journey to the top.

In a recent study 80 percent of Americans do not get enough daily exercise. RISE Clothing was created as a tool in helping individuals feel better about their bodies while increasing daily activities.

RISE Clothing is already being accredited as the new trend in fitness wear. The stretch flattering material and trendy colors are sure to be a national sensation making individuals all over the world feel better about being active. “WE ARE ALL IN”